A virtual Jack in the Green for 2020

This year we have been unable to meet to dress Jack in the Green, as we would traditionally do on May Eve.

However, we have made some efforts at a virtual Jack.

The first shows the process of construction from previous years:

time lapse sequence of leaves being added to Jack in the Green
The next has been constructed this year, from photos of Spring foliage sent in by our members from around the UK, and even from as far afield as Toronto and Pnom Penh. Here’s the assembly process:

And the finished article, completed on the evening of the 30th of April as is traditional:

A virtual Jack in the Green, made froma  photo collage of green foliage, on a conical frame, with legs poking out of the bottom.


Author: Rachael Borek

Cotswold morris dancer by day, Egyptian-style bellydance performer & teacher by night, nerd all of the time.

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